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Blake Gray

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Birth Place
Houston, Texas

17 years old

Birth Sign

Short Biography
Blake Gray was born on January 9th, 2001. He is a social media personality with followers on Instagram, Twitter,, YouTube, and YouNow. On Instagram, Blake has 2m followers. He has 432k followers on Twitter, over 100k supporters on YouNow, 1.5+ million fans on, and plenty of friends around the world. He is also a model and is one of the youngest models ever for Xespansione. Most recently, Blake took part in 2016 Magcon.

Early Life
Before he became a social media star, Blake enjoyed sports, particularly basketball, football, and baseball. He also is a pretty decent acrobat and enjoys skateboarding.

Blake hopes to one day go into acting. His favorite TV show is South Park. His favorite meals are pancakes for breakfast and chicken noodle soup. He’s pretty fond of pizza also. One of his most favorite sayings is, “you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Personal and Family Life
Blake has a close relationship with his mom, even stating that she is his hero. He is also happy to have a wonderful older brother, Austin, to look up to. Very little is really known about his personal life, but most sources agree that he is not dating anyone.

Friends and Associates
Two of Blake’s dearest friends Hunter and Brandon Rowland (brothers), and even though they clashed and became embroiled in a bitter online fight at Magcon, they all made up and are still best friends. He enjoys doing meet& events with them, as well as with Corbyn Besson.

Birth Name: Blake Robert Gray
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, some sources claim Cypress, Texas
Birth Sign: Capricorn

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