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Zoe Laverne Bio, Height, Wiki, Facts, Family

Who is Zoe Laverne? She is an American social media celebrity who has gained huge fame through the music creating an app, Musical.Ly where she has amassed over 2 million followers. Zoe was born on June 3, 2001, in the United States of America. From the beginning of her childhood, she had a keen interest in music and also began to learn from the very early age.

Zoe Laverne bio 3

Zoe Laverne began her career as a Musical.Ly star. Her account on Musical.Ly has over 2 million followers currently. In addition to this, she has also won the highly coveted Musical.Ly verification crown in March 2017. Apart from this award, she has not won any other. Zoe so far is loved by over 8 million hearts on the Musical.Ly app and has a total of approximately 90 thousand followers on Instagram. She earns a decent amount of money daily being a social media superstar, however, her net worth is readily available. Recently, she launched her self-titled online fashion apparel store, where is selling hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters etc.

Early Life: well she is still young and we can say she is basically still living her early life right now but who was Zoe before the fame?
She was born in Indiana on the 3rd of June 2001 to Debbie Pemberton and Dough Wright. Zoe is of mixed descent. She has a brother, Eric, and a stepbrother, Cameron. Zoe was 8 years old when she moved to Franklin with her family. There, she attended ‘Franklin Community High School. Her interest in music developed since she was a child.

She lives a normal celebrity life which means that most of her present activities are open but the fact about her family background is a wee bit off limits. But all we know is that her parents are divorced.

Rise to Fame: Zoe began her career on social media in 2016. At this stage, she was not very sure about what to post. Nevertheless, she started to come up with ideas at a later period. She began with her passion, which is singing. She began posting lip-syncs on her favorite tracks on ‘’ Her posts raised a lot of eyeballs and stole hearts. Zoe posted a comedy video once where she teased her own belly-dancing skills. Soon, she started working together with other “musers,” which made her even more popular on ‘’ Zoe and her fellow “muser” Terin Sottile once swapped their ‘’ accounts for a day. This stunt was quite favorable for Zoe’s social-media fame. She also posts vlogs on ‘,’ through which she connects with her fans. Soon, she earned over 250 million ‘’ “hearts.” Within just one year of being on ‘,’ Zoe became a verified “muser.” Her impeccable fashion sense and makeup skills earned her a “top style guru” badge.

Zoe’s Personal Life: Earlier this year, her parents decided to home-school her and keep her studying until she graduates. As Laverne’s social-media following grew, she received more attention from her classmates at Greenwood Community High School — and it wasn’t always good attention.
Laverne was a freshman when her videos mostly her offering makeup tutorials and deftly lip-syncing to pop songs began gaining serious attention well beyond her high school classmates.

Zoe Laverne bio 2

“I couldn’t walk down the halls without people making fun of me,” she said. “It’s simple; it was jealousy. But it hurt. People threatened to fight me all the users go to the counsellor crying,” she remembered. “But when I got home, I’d get online and it all felt easier.”
Laverne took refuge in the thousands and soon millions of musers (she prefers to call them supporters, not fans) who cheered on her videos and sent positive comments. Other followers trolled her (which is quite normal for a celebrity)

Body Measurement: Zoe is a paragon of beauty. She is blessed with a perfect pair of dazzling blue eyes and a ‘glow in the sun’ blonde hair. She is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 9 pounds. For someone as petite as her currently her, her waist size is 23 inches, hip size is 32″ and chest size is also 32 inches. And no she doesn’t have any tattoos YET.

Controversy and Rumors: Zoe has a long road ahead of her and so far, there are no dramatic rumours regarding her personal and professional life, YET. It would seem she is laser-focused on her career rather than getting caught up in any controversial drama whatsoever.
Love Life: Zoe is presently going out with popular “Instagrammer” Cody Orlove. It all began when she stumbled into Cody’s social-media account while playing online. She fell for him straight away. She was impressed to see his huge fan following on Musical.Ly.

Before long, they started following each other on Musical.Ly. They became friends over chats before deciding to meet. They began dating not long after their first outing. Cody loves Zoe’s wittiness and playfulness, which he finds cute. Their fans, too, love them and have named them “Zody.” Zoe dated fellow Musical.Ly star Zephan Clark in the past.

Zoe is fond of dressing up and applying makeup. She created a self-titled ‘YouTube’ channel to post related content. However, the channel has only one video. In spite of that, Zoe’s Musical.Ly fame helped the channel earn over 60 thousand subscribers. She has a second ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Cody & Zoe,’ which she oversees with the aid of her boyfriend. The channel mainly contains videos related to their personal life. Zoe and her boyfriend have done some question and answer videos, and in one of them, they collaborated with famous Musical.Ly celebrity Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend. The channel has over 250 thousand subscribers. Zoe is equally active on Instagram, where her various looks have captivated over 20 thousand followers. She owns a merchandise line, and her products are available on shopping sites such as and

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